Vee Castro Jetski Rental

Vee Water Adventures branding came with the need to create a powerful identity to reflect the funny adventures of water sports in California. The concept was also based on the dynamism and speed of water sports, along with a subtle reference to the sunny California.

The brand icon is a graphic representation of the foam trail left by the acceleration of the jet-ski in the sea water, the color differences in the spiral separating the water from the foam in a fast and fluid movement.

The typography was carefully chosen to refer to the “beach vibes” of California. The curves in each letter are made in a stripped, natural way, almost like the movement of the waters, the junction of the “ee” in the first word representing waves in a subtle way. In short, the typography chosen represents the ocean itself.

The colors were taken from the aquatic scene, the primary colors play with the blue reflections of the waters, going from clearer shallow waters to dark blue, from the deep seas. The secondary palette is a representation of the Californian sky, and its nuances that jump from orange to purple, creating an incredible palette in the sky, so there is no doubt that you are in California.

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